Are you a nice Rainbow or an Ugly little dwarf?


What are you doing when you’re bored on the Internet ? Checking your e-mails? Checking your Facebook account? Reading some news or more probably watching some silly videos? But there is always a moment (often a rainy Sunday afternoon or when you should actually be writing your dissertation) when you are so bored that you actually already have done all of that!

So what happens next?

I don’t know about you but when I reach this ultimate boredom stage I enter in a quest for…..TESTS!

Psycho tests, QI, QE, professional tests, orientation tests…there are plenty of them available for free online and even more if you want to spend some money!

You know the kind of test where you read the results you are like “OMG THEY SO READ INTO MY MIND I WOULD SO BE POCAHONTAS IF I WAS A DISNEY CHARACTER” (actually when I did the test I happened to be Tinker bell…and I was pissed off).

Anyway, as I was doing some reading for my Persuasive Communication class (yes I did)  I came across a test to discover your “conflict resolution approach”… as a test addict I could not resist any longer to learn more about my august person, so I took it!

It was actually quite similar to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (  (TKI to his pals) which distinguishes 5 different types of conflict resolution approaches:


Competing/forcing=> you are an ugly little dwarf full of himself who just cares about his own opinion (which is by definition the best anyway)

Typical conflict resolution sentence: You’re wrong. I’m right. Piss off.




Avoiding => you are just so not concerned about what’s going on and will just let everybody cut open each other. And dance on their body. Problem solved.

Typical conflict resolution sentence: I leave you guys have a nice chat, I’m getting myself a cup of tea and I’ll be RIGHT BACK.



Compromising=> you are the kind who want to go home as soon as possible and just want everyone to agree on a issue ASAP even if you have to renounce nearly to everything you were standing for.

Typical conflict resolution sentence:  Ok guys Jane wants to work on Australian Koalas and Mathew on the Jewish Diaspora during WW2. Let’s do something about Koalas Diaspora during WW2. See you next week!


Accomodating=> you want to preserve a good relationship with others even if it must cost you to go at a meeting at 6 am at the other side of the town. You just won’t say no.

Typical conflict resolution sentence: Yes whatever you want! We are still friends aren’t we?



Collaborating=> you are like a little rainbow in the meeting room joining each others’ ideas in a golden pot of happiness.

Typical conflict resolution sentence: Let’s take each other’s hands and feel the harmony that will lead us to succeed together!


I thus take the test full of hope and enthusiasm to be a little rainbow and I end up being equally: Avoiding and Competing………come on what does it mean??  And I don’t know about you but when I’m not happy about the results of a test I just look for another.

To my surprise I see that the TKI is actually only available… FOR MONEY… like… you have to pay for it O_o and not just 1 or 2 pounds… somethink like £40!!

But, I found for you guys something quite similar right here… and for free:


This test uses similar questions (a lot are the same actually) than the test in my text book and thus should be serious enough.

For the little story I happened to be equally Collaborating and Compromising with this test…a much more pleasant outcome but seriously…  can we rely on tests that give such different results? I mean it’s not a big deal when you are looking for what your totem animal is but these kind of professional tests are supposed to be serious aren’t they?

So what is your conflict resolution style? Did you find the test accurate? Are you a test addict too? Did you ever spend money on doing tests and was it worth it?

Join the conversation!  =^_^=


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  1. I tried it and I am more avoiding! It’s pretty true, I prefer escape when the conversation is too loud. That’s why I prefer to take the lead, so I can choose alone and the team can go to hell!! Gniark!

  2. I’ve got the same result as you : both Compromising and Collaborating ! But that really depends on the group I am. I know I can be a real little dwarf sometimes when I know I am more skilled than my colleagues on something… But they’re Accomodating types so in a way they are begging for it 😛

  3. Hiya!

    I’m definitely guily of avoiding and compromising, as I’m not a lover of conflict and would rather not have to deal with it, which I know is not the right way to go about conflct related issues.

    I really think that collaborating is the best way to go about things as it is beneficial for everyone involved.

    Daisy xx

  4. These different styles of conflict resolution approaches are really interesting..

    I think I’d have to place myself between the avoiding/accommodating styles as I try my best to avoid any arguments or hate between people whilst at the same time try my best to keep people happy. I think I’ll think more consciously about how I react the next time a situation comes up


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